Just released! By Mumia Abu-Jamal Occupied Media Pamphlet Series is a special project launched with Adelante Alliance to participate in the movement through the printed word. 


Message to the Movement, by Mumia Abu-Jamal, Occupied Media Pamphlet Series, 2012

Mumia' writings consistently connect seemingly disparate aspects of our society and reveal truths that may not be far below the surface, but that are obscured nonetheless. His new pamphlet, Message to the Movement, is no exception. Written with the new generation of teenagers and early 20-somethings in mind – those leading (and who should be leading) the Occupy Movement, he gives stellar advice that all of us need to hear regardless of our age. He explains the importance of knowing our “true” history – “not that boring shit you learned in high school” (so as to avoid remaking it), music (to unite across cultures) and FUN (because “when you are involved in any struggle, fun will make the day sweeter, and paint your memories with a brighter, warmer hue”).


Mumia writes as a motivational educator, in a conversational tone rapping about education, history, organizing. He wants his readers to learn from his mistakes – those of the 1960s, imperialism, its media, peoples’ histories and social movements. He has a way of making connections, outlining this concept and that, and putting them together so they click.


Included as an added bonus is Alice Walker's poem “Occupying Mumia's Cell.” The pamphlet is also translated into español, so Spanish speakers can get in on the fun. Buy and share today! 


-Stephanie Abraham







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